Chedworth Roman Villa celebrated by local residents

The Local Community Day last Tuesday was action packed with local residents being given free entry to enjoy Chedworth Roman Villa and all that is going on here at the moment.  Visitors could enjoy the revealing of the mosaics and talk to our archaeology team as well as take part in activities such as mosaic making, badge making, a procession to the nymphaeum to make an offering to the gods as well as guided tours of the site, hunting demonstrations and much more.

NT Paul Harris

One of the highlights was local children getting into the spirit of the villa by dressing up as Romans and taking part in our ‘best dressed Roman’ competition.

Why not come to our Local Community ‘bat walk’ on the 10th September 2010?  Further details will be disclosed nearer the time.

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Chedworth Roman Villa hits the headlines!

Guy Salkeld, our resident archaeologist and general Chedworth Roman Villa enthusiast is becoming quite a celebrity.  He has been working on the mosaic excavations all July and is always happy to chat to our visitors and the press about how and why we are uncovering the mosaics and about the stories we are revealing about the villa.  Here he is in action being interviewed for BBC Points West:

And our General Manager, Janet Gough also sharing in the lime light!


We have also featured on the BBC website:

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The children and teachers of Andovesford Primary school have been celebrating their passion for all things Roman!

History lessons on the Romans have been brought to life through various visits to Chedworth Roman Villa!  Not only did the children recieve a guided tour of the villa but also tried their hand at weaving and medicine bag making.

In an outreach session delivered by Katie Smith, Community Outreach Officer children also learnt about archaeology and the roles of archaeologists.

The Roman spirit has inspired some amazing work from the children, including creating their own Roman shrine inspired by the nymphaeum at Chedworth Roman Villa.  Children also used loaned objects from the villa to create Roman inspired handling table.

The team at Chedworth Roman Villa have really enjoyed working with the school, and were really impressed by the passion and creativity the children have shown!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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The Roman gods look over Chedworth Roman Villa!

The Roman gods were looking on the Villa last Friday.  Not only did the excavations uncover a third century Roman coin, but also the sun came out for our fundraising evening after a very showery day!

Dan Cruickshank and Simon Jenkins hosted the event at Chedworth Roman Villa to raise the profile of the project, with local VIPs and National Trust staff attending and enjoying the entertainment including a living statue, harpist, tours around the site and ‘the dig’ live!

An entertaining evening was had by all, with guests receiving a Roman lavender plant and much food for thought about the rich history of the site and potential of the project.

To find out more how you can donate towards the project, please visit or to find more information about the Roman coin and other finds during the excavation, please visit

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When is Rome do as the Romans do!

Preparations are in full swing for our Local Community Day on Tuesday 27th July from 10am- 4pm.  This is a special day to celebrate with our local community the amazing Romano- British history of Chedworth Roman Villa and to share details of our exciting project supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The day will offer a host of activities from mosaic making workshops, badge making workshops, weapons demonstrations, and guided tours of the villa.  The archaeologists will also be working on uncovering the mosaics.

We would love to meet some local ‘Romans’, so why not take part in our competition for the best Roman costume!  Children and adults are invited to get in touch with their inner Roman, and get into the ‘spirit of Chedworth Roman Villa’.  Judging will take place at 2pm, where everyone will receive a special Roman reward for their dressing up efforts!

A free family vouchers for admission is available to local residents.  Vouchers have been distributed through local schools and the parish magazine network.  If you have not obtained a voucher and live locally to Chedworth Roman Villa, please contact Katie Smith, Community Outreach Officer for assistance on 01242 890256 or e-mail

The villa will also be welcoming regular visitors to the property, who can enjoy the activities on offer but for whom the standard entry fee will apply.  National Trust members will be admitted for free, on production of a valid membership card.

The Chedworth Roman Villa team are looking forward to welcoming you and hope to see you soon.  Don’t forget to buy a unique Chedworth coin which can be thrown into the Nymphaeum and make an offering to the gods or you can keep it for good luck!

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Revealing the mosaics begins!

Yesterday marked the start of the excavation with the first glimpse of the tesserae.  National Trust and student archaeologists are working hard over the coming weeks to uncover the mosaics that have never before been on public display.  The excavation will be happening during the villa’s opening hours so if you are curious and would like to see a live dig, come to Chedworth!  The archaeologists will be more than happy to answer questions, spread their enthusiasm about the excavation and show any finds!

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Make your ‘offering to the gods’ at Chedworth!

Chedworth Roman Villa has launched its own coin and we invite you to come to the villa and make a ‘offering to the gods’.  With an illustration of the figure of Winter and the text ‘Veni Vidi Voti’ meaning ‘I came, I saw, I offerred’, the coin is unique to Chedworth.  The figure of Winter depicts the one featured in the triclinium mosaic and the text is apt given the villa’s former grandeur and nymphaeum in the north-west corner.

A procession to the nymphaeum will take place on Tuesday 27th July at the villa’s local community day.  Why not come along and make your ‘offering to the gods’?

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Preparation for the mosaic excavation starts…

Preparation for uncovering the mosaics is in full swing with a scaffolding platform being installed yesterday to give access to the triclinium while the mosaics are being uncovered.

A team of archaeologist and student volunteers will be re-excavating the West Range Corridor, Room 5b and Room 6 Corridor mosaics starting next Monday.  They will be removing the material protecting the mosaics and then a team of conservators will work on making them ready for permanent display in the new cover building.  While building the new cover shelter, the mosaics will be temporarily protected by a method to be agreed with English Heritage.

Come and see the archaeologists at work and ask them lots of questions!  There will be lots of hand-on activities too.  To find out what is going on and when, please visit the following link:

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Transformation begins at Chedworth Roman Villa!

The removal of the Victorian wall cappings marks the start of the transformation at the villa.  The Victorians built-up the Roman walls and capped them with tiles to protect the wall tops from rain and frost.  The new cover building will sit on top of these walls.

If you visit you might see our team removing work done by the Victorians.  Contractors removed the wall cappings under an archaeological watching brief to check no items of importance were lost in the process.  An ecologist was also checking no bats were  hiding in the nooks of the walls as sometimes they have been spotted there.  All the salvageable tiles will be conserved and stored in an archive.  The walls will be consolidated over the summer ready for the big build in 2011.

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